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What to expect from a Reiki Treatment

Effects of Reiki

- stress reduction and deep relaxation
- it calms the mind
- reiki alleviates pain
- it supports your body in dissolving, physical, mental, and emotional blockages
- it brings you into contact with your heart
- it strengthens your intuition


This is how it works

What to expect from a Reiki Treatment

A Reiki session takes about 1 hour. After a short intake, I will treat you. You lay down on a massage table with your clothes on. I will put my hands above or on different parts of your body to work with the energy. You can just relax and enjoy. The Reiki goes wherever it is needed. Sometimes it gives you an energy boost, sometimes it helps you process an emotion or event. Sometimes it gives you a certain insight. The reiki intelligence is there to support you in whatever you are going through.

A session costs €85,- (tax included). 

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