My name is Leoni van de Water and I am a sensual business coach and certified Reiki master from Amsterdam. I walking the reiki path for more than 10 years. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you to become (more) whole. More fully yourself. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese Words. 'Rei' which means the 'Higher Power' and Ki which is 'Life Force Energy'.


I give private sessions and I teach Reiki so that you can learn how to work with this beautiful energy yourself. If you like to know more or want to book an appointment, please contact me.


Love, Leoni

Reiki 1:1



What others say about reiki with me 

in the short time I am working with reiki, it already brought so much healing in my life from simple cuts or burns to deeply rooted emotional issues. Reiki helped me transform patterns I already kinda gave up on. I love the simplicity of it: all you need to do is be present. Out of your head and into your body, your hands, your experience.

- Ehud

I have followed Reiki 1 with Leoni and it is completely worth it. Leoni has a very nice way of teaching, and she makes Reiki accessible and approachable for everyone. Right now I use Reiki in my daily life and in my yoga classes, as a way to go in and experience peace and space. Do you want to experience that too? Then I advise you to contact Leoni directly :)!

- Stefanie

So happy that I came into contact with Reiki through Leoni! With her enthusiasm and loving way of communicating, it is almost impossible that you will also be infected by the "Reiki virus" and continue with level 2! It is so nice to be able to heal yourself and then share it with others. It's that simple and so powerful! Reiki level 2 has (literally) given me the extra power and confirmation; I love it!

- Evelijn

Reiki has given me more body-awareness,  more confidence and calmness. Because of Reiki I finally felt my enormous fatigue and when I gave in to it, my palpitations that bothered me a lot.

It also has given me a nice holistic healing during my mental health care trajectory.

Leoni is a very nice teacher. Sober, clear and funny, I certainly need that in a mystical and spiritual path. Recommended!

- Judith

I like her personality and way of teaching (in English too) she is very warm and kind and explains really understandably. The groups were small and gezellig as they say in Dutch ;). And the atmosphere was very open and trusting, we had great talks together !I really recommend her courses :)

I had a really great experience attending the Reiki 1 and 2 course at Mizu Reiki with Leoni. She is a good teacher, with patience and a doses of humor she explains the world of Reiki in a manner that gives you trust and good understanding of the possibilities of Reiki. When the Reiki 3 course is open register I will be the first to do so. I can recommend the Reiki treatments as well, an hour Reiki from Leoni made me very relaxed and gave beautiful insights.

- Mascha


1:1 Reiki Coaching

I offer 1:1 healing & coaching processes that bring you closer to yourself, so you can surrender to life and become more playful and alive AND KICKIIING! I don't believe in following guru's. I believe that you yourself know what's best for you. But sometimes we can feel disconnected from our inner wisdom. I show you how you can reconnect.

I support you with energy healing, body work and coaching. Feeling the innate confidence in your belly, joy in your heart and peace in your mind. So you can come home to yourself and open up to life, love, your dreamjob, and all the things your heart and soul desire. You can decide now to release the things that hold you back from taking your space, and saying a FULL YES to your life! Are you ready? 

Intake Session €90 (75 min)

During the intake we will make a treatment plan based on your needs & desires. 

I am looking much forward to hear from you!