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BY reiki master LEONI VAN DE WATER

nov. 2&3 2019 | Marrakech | Location: La Ferme el dar 

Learn 'the art of hand healing' and become a certified practitioner 

About the Reiki 1 Course 

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you to become (more) whole. More fully yourself. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese Words. 'Rei' which means the 'Higher Power' and Ki which is 'Life Force Energy'. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. When it's high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.


During the Reiki 1 Course, you will learn to work with this energy, that works via laying on hands.

After this course, you can treat yourself and others with Reiki.

What Reiki gives you
- stress reduction and deep relaxation
- it calms the mind
- reiki alleviates pain
- it supports your body in dissolving, physical, mental, and emotional blockages
- it strengthens your intuition

- it grows your energetic and bodily awareness

What does the program of the Reiki 1 course look like?
- there will be 4 attunements
- reiki 1 focusses mainly on healing physical complaints
- you learn how to recognize the reiki
- you learn how to work with it
- we practice together and exchange experiences
- you learn something about the history and Reiki Principles


Course dates & time

The course is 1,5 day in total. 

We have 3 contact moments:

Course Day 1: The initiation day, Saturday November 2nd, 10:00-17:00. 

Course Day 2: ​How to give reiki to others, Sunday November 3rd, 11:00-14:00. 

Course Day 3: Online Meet-up via Skype after 4 weeks (1,5h). We will plan this one together at the end of the second course day).


In between the follow-up course day and the Online Meet-up, you practice reiki on yourself so you get to know the energy.  

During the Online Meet-up, we share our experiences of this process and you can ask all your questions. 


 €210,- (Certificate & digital course reader included).
You can order a delicious lunch for €15 or €20 (depending on your wishes) on Course Day 1. Or you can bring your own. Please ask us about the possibilities. 

Maximum number of participants is 5. So that there is a lot of attention and space for personal questions.


We've selected a beautiful place named 'La Ferme El Dar'. This charming hotel is surrounded by peace and quiet. And it's located only 20 minutes by car from Marrakech. Check out their website:

Psssssst: if you like to stay overnight, we can offer you a special discount where you - as a Reiki 1 Course participant - only pay €65,- per room. If you are interested, let us know. 

La Ferme el Dar

217 Touggana route de L'Ourika

Touggana 40000, Marokko

If you have any questions/like to join the course please contact me via Whats'app me on +31655233434

or send me an e-mail via the button down below.


Leoni van de Water

Reiki Master 

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