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Mizu on Tour

Learn the healing art of Reiki


next stop: Morocco // Casablanca | Marrakech | Essaouira

Hi There, welcome :) !

My name is Leoni and I am a Reiki Master from Amsterdam.

I practice Reiki for more than 10 years and I give Reiki treatments and courses wherever life takes me. I love to discover new places, celebrating life & nature

and meeting beautiful souls to connect with. So that we can grow our inner light together. Creating a BIG BANG of joyful consciousness. 

For a better and more loving world.

Reiki is a Japanese self-healing technique to experience more well-being and happiness.

With Reiki you learn to work with 'Life Force Energy' through the art of hand healing.

Reiki has many beneficial effects like deep relaxation, alleviating pain, and solving physical, emotional and mental blockages.

The good part is that everybody can learn to do it! 

I love to see more and more people integrate self-healing in their daily lives. For yourself, friends and family in need.

Inside of every one of us is a healer. And I help you find it. 

that Sounds great!

I would love to ....

book a

reiki treatment

in casablanca or marrakech

do the

reiki 1 course.

find out when and where i give a course in Morocco

join the next 

reiki introduction master class (FREE)

in morocco


Leoni van de Water

Reiki Master 

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