The quality of Fall

And how to move through it the shamanistic way

Our life is cyclic

Everything comes and goes and comes and goes.

The shamanistic tradition connects the cycle of life with the four directions: east, south, west, and north: spring, summer, fall, winter. These seasons we don’t only experience because of the way the earth goes round. We can find it in many other life events and life forms. Think about our own life: there is a spring (childhood), a summer (adulthood) and fall (elders) and winter (death). We are like flowers: arriving & rising, bloom, decay, disappear. But also if you look at a day: it rises (morning), blooms (midday) leaves us (evening) and turns into the silence (night). For us woman, we find it in our menstrual cycle as well. But if you look at relationships they are also cyclic. With some you might experience only one season (hello summer lover) with others many many cycles (a beautiful friendship).

Letting go

I am experiencing a fall season with one of my dearest friends. She just moved to another country following her heart. With her moving away from me physically we entered our fall. The direction of the West. Fall is about letting go of the shape as we used to know it. Fall is also the place where the available energy will be bundled and concentrated. Fall is connected to grief and other deep emotions that are connected to the beauty and value of the relationship or whatever event you experiencing the fall with.

Feel the love

Except for great sadness, you can also feel the depth and power of the love it contains. Free of form. Fall is the confrontation with your attachments and with loss. It is the time (and TAKING THE TIME) to let go. Release. Cry. To give things a new place. But also the moment to integrate what you want to keep. In my case, with my dear friend, it is letting go of the shape of her being close to me. It is a beautiful moment to cherish this incredible friendship. The highs and lows we’ve been through together. Honoring what I've learned from her. Our love for each other - the formless - will always be there. It hurts and I cry because I have to let go of what was. It’s already gone. And with the crying I release and give space to our new shape. A friendship that we both don’t know the shape of yet. Exciting, I can feel that somewhere far now. But right now it’s time for slowing down. Going in. Integrate the change. 

If you are going through a fall yourself, take some time to digest. Honor your season. It is important so that you can go smoothly into your winter and rise up strong again when spring arrives.

I made a ‘fall’ music list on Spotify that I love to listen to. You can find it here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2rx0VMtoDxplY4RZP82Ijh

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