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Reiki 1 Course 

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that helps you to become (more) whole. More fully yourself. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese Words. 'Rei' which means the 'Higher Power' and Ki which is 'Life Force Energy'. During the Reiki 1 Course, you will learn to work with this energy. After this course, you can treat yourself and others with Reiki.


Practicing Reiki brings you closer to yourself. Deep down we know quite well who we are and what we need, but in this mind-focussed world, it can be challenging to stay in touch with this 'knowing' from within and act from there.

With Reiki 1 you learn to work with this life force energy and grow your awareness and connection to yourself and the life around you. The good part is that everybody can learn how to do this. 

What Reiki gives you:
- stress reduction and deep relaxation
- it calms the mind
- reiki alleviates pain
- it supports your body in dissolving, physical, mental, and emotional blockages
- it strengthens your intuition

- it grows your energetic and bodily awareness

What does the program of the course look like?
- there will be 4 attunements
- reiki 1 focusses mainly on healing physical complaints
- you learn how to recognize the reiki
- you learn how to work with it
- we practice together and exchange experiences
- you learn something about the history and Reiki Principles

The first training day is followed by a 3-hour course to deepen your practice and here you learn how to give reiki to others.

This will be 3/4 weeks after day 1. 

Costs: €210,- (10 course hours, Certificate & Reader Included).
I like to work with individuals and small groups so that there is a lot of attention and space for personal questions.

If you have any questions: please contact me.

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